Workman’s Compensation Injuries


At GMPT we understand how stressful it can be to be limited or out of work from an injury. A great majority of  injuries suffered on the job require some level of physical therapy. It is almost routine procedure that after your first doctor visit, you are referred to a physical therapy clinic for the appropriate level of rehabilitation. Physical therapists are an integral part of your healthcare with expertise in how the body moves and functions. Our goal is to help you achieve your highest level of physical function, regardless of your condition. 

During your initial visit we will perform a comprehensive evaluation and determine the best course of action to help alleviate pain and begin to strengthen/stretch the injured areas. We will work closely with your physician as well as your case managers to get you back to work as soon as possible. 


The Functional Capacity Evaluation and the FCE Process


The functional capacity evaluation, FCE, is a systematic evaluation process designed to document a person’s current workability from a physical ability and motivational perspective with consideration given to any existing medical impairment and/or pain syndromes. Its primary purpose is to determine a worker’s ability to return to work following a job related injury, to help determine an injured worker’s medical impairment, to assist with the settlement of their case, and to determine a person’s functional loss following a personal injury, and other ailments dealing with the decision of an injured worker’s ability to work at certain levels of stress.

The FCE approach is to be strictly scientific and to search for the truth about the worker’s medical impairment, their functional deficits, their safe work ability, and their motivation to work. The challenge for the evaluator is to be courageous enough to report the truth accurately, concisely, and without bias. An FCE is initiated or ordered either by a physician, a rehabilitation counselor, insurance company, lawyer, or the patient, themselves. In all cases the physician order is always needed prior to performing an FCE, regardless of where the referral originates. FCEs are not performed on patients that are acute or sub acutely injured or recovering from surgery, and they are reserved for the kind of situation in which other medical and paramedical options have been exhausted and a determination is needed as to what this patient’s present physical and functional abilities are.