“I’m not good at sitting still. Give me time to get outside and active, and you’ll generally see me smile. So when I came down with yet another sidelining injury to my calf I was really bummed, especially since I had just signed up for a marathon. Now runners have been known to be somewhat stubborn and not likely to adhere to medical advice that includes the term “rest.” Males are less likely to seek medical advice to begin with. I’m both. Fortunately, Timm at GMPT started talking to me about ASTYM and the evidence-based research supporting the practice. Since there was no question that I couldn’t run with the current injury, I thought I’d give it a chance. Half-way through the program Timm told me I could start testing the calf so long as I didn’t aggravate it. Three miles, no prob. Four miles, no prob. Five miles, starting to feel pain. Marathon in three more weeks – NO WAY!! Well, I finished the ASTYM treatment one week before the marathon, and decided to go ahead and attempt the run. I figured I’d get about six miles in and start to feel pain, start walking and then just catch a ride with the sweep vehicle. Six miles came and went, then nine, then 15, then 20…I finished the whole thing!! No pain! Well, every part of my body hurt EXCEPT my calf. The results that ASTYM had on my calf in such a short period of time were truly amazing. Now I tell anybody who is battling an injury to go see GMPT to see if ASTYM is an option. It’s the fastest most effective way to get back on your feet.”
Paul Coats
Lebanon, NH

“I injured my back moving furniture. When I started coming to Green Mountain Physical Therapy I had acute back pain and muscle spasms. The caring, professional staff gently treated me. They helped me get back to the active lifestyle I enjoy with a combination of treatments including exercises and working with their equipment to strengthen my shoulders and back.”
Carol Curtis
Painfield, NH

“Plantar Fasciitis put me on the couch, ASTYM put me back on the trail. Thank you, Timm, Hannah and Karen.”
Frank Lamson
So. Royalton, VT, Appalachian Trail Hiker

“After a total right knee replacement in late July, I immediately began physical therapy with Timm at Green Mountain Physical Therapy. It was a tough go for several weeks with very little improvement in range of motion. Timm knew I was getting very frustrated and suggested that we try ASTYM therapy. In just a few sessions we were seeing significant changes, and before the end of the program, I had reached ranges equal to or greater than my other knee. The pain was gone as was the complete frustration. I would recommend this type of treatment to anyone who is having difficulty with swelling, fluid, stiffness and mobility. For me it was definitely the answer.”
Doreen Cutter
Hanover, NH