ATM2: Active Therapeutic Movement

From Painful to Pain-Free In Seconds!

Normalize and Optimize CNS Muscle Activation Patterns Immediate, Long-Lasting Results!


The ATM®2 system is a revolutionary new way of treating patients with movement impairments.

We have seen first-hand that most patients respond even with the first treatment and oftentimes leave our offices pain-free with a significant increase in their range of motion.

The ATM system of treatment is specifically designed to treat loss of muscular function rather than a specific diagnosis. It is revolutionary because it trains the central nervous system (CNS) to activate muscles in a pain-free pattern. The patient continues to use their muscles in the new pattern and regains normal pain-free movement.

How the ATM®2 works



  • By combining joint repositioning (similar to the Mulligan Concept) with compression (similar to the ASLR test), almost all movement impairments can be normalized within seconds.
  • The restoration of normal movement is an indicator that the CNS has completely transitioned from a pathological muscle activation pattern to a normal muscle activation pattern.
  • Combining active movements in the neutral range, in a functional, weight bearing position, against an isometric resistance, causes the CNS to memorize the normal muscle activation pattern.
  • Almost all patients will feel an immediate, significant and long-lasting reduction if not elimination of pain for back, neck, pelvis, shoulder, hip, and knee movement impairments.